Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The winds were blowing steadily, so Rick decided to take out the sailboat on the river. Here Rick and Theresa are setting up the boat and raising the jib. (Preparing the boat takes about 1 1/2 hours each time.)

Rick, Kendall, and Chase took out the boat with only the jib up. (Rick was worried that the winds might be too strong with the kids to put up the mainsail.) They sailed all over for about an hour.

Rick and the kids heading back to the dock. Chase doesn't look very thrilled, but Kendall clearly is having a good time.
Bruce Rawlins came to the river and then he and Rick took out the boat after putting up the mainsail. They sailed until dark when the wind died.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dworshak Reservoir -- Annual Summer Vacation

Aaaahhh, Dworshak! One of our favorite places to spend a week relaxing, swimming, skiing, and making memories. We had an excellent week with good friends, good weather (except for rain the first night), good food, and no crowds.

Eating popcorn popped over an open fire and playing cards became the activity of choice for the kids at night.

We played the "lily pad" game or "tube obstacle course" in the floating docks again. Chase beat everyone hands-down because he could just float his lightweight body over each tube, without missing a step!


Rick - nice cut!


The men's tubing adventure -- go for it, guys! Theresa was driving the boat and was successful in knocking each of the men off at least once!

Trevor has a beautiful new Malibu ski boat that you can wake surf behind! Here's Rick surfing behind the boat. The funniest part was having all the adults sit on one side of the boat to help make the wake bigger. We're only going about 9 mph here.

Chase and Kendall

Tara, Whitney, and Gracie


Tara - she later asked, "Okay, I can wakeboard now. So, how do I jump the wake?"


Tara and Arielle

The dads -- okay, they're weird (L to R - Rick, Ira, Ken, Trevor)

The moms - not quite so weird (L to R - Shelli, Leslie, Dana, Theresa)

Chase -- total cutie!

Whitney and Gracie

Here's the whole group -- the Halversons, L(H)arsens, Holles, and Hickmans. (Notice in the kids that there are only two boys -- Chase is one of them!) We're so lucky to have great friends who love to have the same kind of fun that we do! Who could ask for more? We had an excellent week with everyone! Thanks for the memories!