Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sixth Picture from Sixth Folder - Tag!

I got tagged by Wendy T. to post the sixth picture from the sixth folder and then describe it. My folders are all organized by year then chronologically by month, so this picture is very random.

Rick and I went hiking up Badger Mountain on New Year's Day and brought his new camera that he got for his birthday. We were trying out the timer but didn't know that there were two different settings/features on the timer. The one we had it on took pictures when it focused on your face and then you moved (or something like that), so we have some funny pictures of us laughing and moving around because the camera kept taking pictures at weird times. We did finally get the setting right and took a normal picture of us standing at the top of Badger Mtn.

I now tag Leslie H., Leslie E., Kristie, Beth, Wendy B., Tami, and Shelli. Take your sixth pic from your sixth folder and write about it. Then tag six more friends to do the same. Have fun!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some Thank Yous are Better than Others!

This is a GREAT story! Yesterday, Saturday, Rick called me at about noon from Camp Zarahemla where he was on a campout with the scouts, and proceeded to tell me that he locked his keys in the car and needed me to drive up there to unlock his car. It's a little over a two hour drive and I had a party to go to at 5:00 p.m. so I told Rick I would leave right away, hoping I would get back in time for the party. So I drove to Zarahemla, game him my key, then turned around and drove home. I had to stop at the store on the way home to buy something for the party, then take a shower (note the wet hair slicked back in a ponytail), so I didn't get to the party until around 6:00 p.m. By that time, I also had a full-on migraine headache. I HONESTLY didn't mind driving to Zarahemla to help out Rick (he would have done the same for me), but it was just bad timing. When the party was over, I went out to my car and found this:

Rick had bought me a dozen red roses, a box of candy, and a really sweet thank you card! It was an awesome way to end the night. Thank you, Rick!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Birthday -- Another Adult (Happy Birthday, Whitney!)

I don't remember signing up for this part of motherhood -- having my children turn into adults. I loved having babies, and toddlers, and tweens, and even teens (yes, I DID sign up for those and loved every minute of them), but I don't remember signing up to have adults. I know, I know, there are a lot of good parts to having adult children (less crowded house when they move out, missionaries, future daughters and sons-in-law, and of course, grandkids), but the part about having the kids turn into adults and start to leave home certainly wasn't in the contract. (Must have been the small print at the bottom which, of course, I didn't read.) I love having all my kids at home and seeing them work hard at good jobs, preparing for graduation, and attending the local college, but now they're all planning on leaving and going to BYU, and that part makes me a little sad. Whitney just turned 18, and that makes it even more of a reality. I'm just going to enjoy these next few months as much as I can, building memories and strengthening relationships before they all start to leave. Okay -- so that's my current self-pity issue. Here's what I really wanted to blog about:

Whitney just turned 18 on Friday, Jan. 9th, and I want to wish her a very happy birthday. I am so proud of Whitney and the woman she has become. She has certainly made me proud and is a complete joy in my life. She has always been extremely obedient and I trust her implicitly. It's an absolute joy knowing that I never have to worry about the choices she is making. Her goals in life are in line with the teachings of the gospel and everything she has been taught. She's a great friend to all of her siblings and a good example to her friends and all with whom she associates. She's also a great friend of mine and I love spending time with her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WHITNEY!!! I LOVE YOU!!! (See below for some funny pictures of Whitney's life from 2002 on.)

The Wonderful World of Whitney!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan 7th - Spring Started Today!

Instead of Christmas in July, I had a birthday in January! For my birthday this year (which is not until July) Rick bought me a new mountain bike which just arrived yesterday! I didn't want to have to wait until July to use it, so we took it out for a spin today. With 60 degree weather and sunshine, who could resist? We went out to the Chamna Natural Reserve by the Yakima River and rode around for about 45 minutes. The winds outside the protected reserve howled at about 30-40 mph, but it was calm and beautiful behind the protection of the trees.
Sporting new bike racks so we can take my car instead of the Yukon when we want to go biding. For the most part, the trails were still wet and muddy from the melted snow, but we hit this one long patch of ice that was harder to get around than we anticipated. Both Rick and I had to get out and walk our bikes, while still slipping and sliding. I actually fell over while trying to ride across the ice and Rick stepped in a very chilly puddle while trying to walk across the ice.
Finally away from the ice, this is the Peninsula Loop trail that goes along the River. It was very beautiful with the dried grass all along both sides. BTW, the new bike worked great until the very last 10 yards (literally) when I got a flat tire.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dinner Filipino Style

Aaron was so excited to make us a dinner like what he ate in the Philippines. He decided to make talapia and rice. (Cusco -- our dog -- was safe tonight.) Okay, great. I asked Aaron what ingredients he needed to make it and he said, "Just talapia and rice." "Right, but what goes on it?" "Nothing -- except we dip it in banana ketchup." Who has heard of banana ketchup? So we looked it up online and there were more ingredients in banana ketchup than in my entire Christmas dinner! But, we made it anyway. Dinner was pretty good, albeit a little bland, but I'm guessing that's why Aaron lost 10 pounds! The eating part was the experience, though. Here's Aaron demonstrating how to eat Filipino style: 1. First you break off a little piece of fish with your left hand -- very important (notice absolutely no utensils).2. Then you dip the fish in the banana ketchup.3. Third you make a relatively large ball of rice by smooshing it together and making a special indentation for your thumb with your right hand -- also very important. Notice how much larger the ball of rice is than the fish. Aaron said that the people usually had a small piece of fish with a huge serving of rice. They couldn't afford much more. It was inexpensive but they were always full. 4. Last, you pop the fish in your mouth, and while it's still in your mouth, you pop the ball of rice in with it. Wah-la! Filipino style eating.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ringing in 2009

We are so fortunate to be blessed with many great friends. And there's no better place to ring in the new year than with friends. Leslie Egli had her annual New Year's Eve party in her new house and we had a great time! Here are a few of the highlights: Rick and Theresa
The girls -- doing what we do best -- talk!
I'm not sure what this game is called, but the guys all hold hands in one line while the girls sit across from them and hold hands in another line. Only one guy and one girl on the end can have their eyes open and start a squeeze down the line when someone flips "heads" on a coin. The last girl and guy at the other end of the line try to grab an orange first as soon as they feel a squeeze. The guys were lightning fast -- but they did CHEAT for part of the time. (How do you pass a squeeze when you're not even holding hands and still win the round?) They guys didn't like holding hands, but it was sure funny!

Some of the girls decided to play "Spoons". We decided to take pictures of each other while we were learning the rules. (Tami, Kristy, Leslie H., Theresa, Dana)A very fast and competitive game of Spoons. The final four in Spoons. (Leslie E., Tami, Leslie H. Theresa) Leslie H and I were the winners (we called it a tie even though she should have won). We were both collecting kings.A few of us played a crazy game of "Dippedy Dippedy Dip". We looked hilarious jumping around in circles while saying "Dip Dip Dip". And no, we weren't drunk!

The group just before midnight. Leslie decorated her Christmas tree with the hats and noise makers. Us with the Hickmans. I'd like to know what silent conversation Rick and Ira are having. HAPPY NEW YEAR!