Monday, March 23, 2009

Headwinds, 11 Cents, and Energy Gel

Rick and I have our first century (100 miles) bike ride this week, and we are desperately trying to get ready for it. We needed to get one more long ride in today to condition our bodies, but of course, the weather was terrible for riding. We rode up and over Clodfelter towards Plymouth with a 15 mph headwind going up that long, long hill (and some much stronger gusts). It never fails -- we always encounter headwinds when we ride. There was one point on a very steep stretch where I was only going 4.2 mph!! I probably could have gotten off my bike and pushed it up the hill faster than I was riding.
When I was going up that steep stretch, I noticed a penny on the ground and then a dime. Anyone who knows me knows that I always pick up pennies when I see them. I was struggling so hard riding up that hill that I didn't stop to pick up that 11 cents. It was killing me to pass it up, but I knew it would have been too difficult to get started again. Rick even slowed down when he saw the money thinking I would stop to pick it up.
Going back down the hill, I hit a top speed of 42 mph going down that stretch that slowed me to 4.2 going up. 10 times faster! What a rush! (Take THAT Clodfelter!) When I got to the point where the money was, I was still going around 30 mph and didn't have the heart to stop for that 11 cents. (Can you tell it still bothers me that it's laying in the road just waiting to be found?)
Now, here's the energy gel story: Rick made his own homemade version of "Power Gel" with brown rice syrup, black strap molasses, honey, and a little salt. It tastes like liquid black licorice and was almost sickening when I first tried it, but now I'm used to the taste and it gives me the BEST instant energy. Plus, it's so much cheaper than the store brands.
We rode for 3 hours today, and I could have kept going and going. The good news is that I think I'm ready for our century ride this weekend!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why should you never iron a four leaf clover?

So, why should you never iron a four leaf clover? Because you don't want to press your luck! ha ha

As a tradition, I always make a green breakfast on St. Patrick's Day. Today, I made green pancakes with green scrambled eggs, and green milk, served on green plates and cups. I'm green, da ba de da ba di.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Teenage Blonde Moments

This morning at breakfast, Tara said to me, "Mom, my friends are so dumb!" I was expecting to hear a very serious conversation about some bad choices that she observed from some of her friends, but what she meant was, "Mom, my friends are so blonde!" (I can say this now because at the moment I have brown hair.) Here are the funny things she told me her friends have recently said:

"Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?"
"Can you get tan by the fire? Because the sun is one big ball of fire!"
"Is rain salty?"
(This one is my favorite.) While watching the movie Pearl Harbor in school: Girl 1 - "I don't get it. Who is Pearl Harbor anyway? When do we see him in the movie?" Girl 2 - "Duh, don't you know Pearl Harbor is the boat?"

I was very happy to know that Tara knew the real answers to these questions! But, the other day, Tara had her own blonde moment. She had to bring some bananas to mutual so I asked her how much she needed to bring. Here was our conversation:
Mom: So, how many bananas do you need to bring?
Tara: I need a bundle.
Mom: A bundle?
Tara: I mean a barrel.
Mom: A barrel?
Tara: (giggling) What is it? A b-b-b-b
Mom: Bun...
Tara: Bun-bun- bundt? No, that's not right.
Mom: Bunch?
Tara: (giggling) Oh, a bunch! Yeah, I need a bunch. (giggling some more)

Don't you love 15 year old girls?

Thursday, March 5, 2009