Thursday, July 23, 2009

Backpacking, Painting, Silverwood, and a Headache

Rick and Chase were gone this week backpacking with the Scouts... I promised the girls we would do something fun. We started the week by painting the girls' room (going from pastel yellow and lavender to red, cream, and black)... Before... Yummy!
[after pictures to come if the girls ever get their room clean]

...then finished the week with a terrific day at Silverwood. The girls didn't want an odd number, so they did rock, paper, scissors to see who got to invite a friend -- Tara won and invited her friend, Jessica. We had a great day with great weather, and except for a headache that I got from going on Aftershock one too many times, the day was PERFECT!!
Tremors -- what a photo op!Aftershock -- yes it was!!!Yep, this is the headache happening. Whitney was kind enough to capture the moment in pictures. Thanks, Whitney! Lunch! Nutritious AND delicious!!! Mmmmmm After lunch we went to the water park, but didn't bring our cameras in so the only evidence is that our hair is now fuzzy from being air-dried. (That's why mine is pulled back.)
The end of a PERFECT day!!

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Leslie said...

Here are some reasons you are one of my favorite families. 1. You are constantly doing things together as a family. 2. You always play so big. 3. You have so much energy for working together and for playing together. 4. You follow the Prophet together!