Sunday, August 2, 2009


Is it me, or is blogging becoming a thing of the past -- being replaced by Facebook? I just looked over the past 3 months of blogs I started but haven't posted and there are NINE incomplete and unpublished posts for me! And unfortunately, once you get behind, it's hard to catch up! I think this summer has been so crazy with activities and work that blogging was just on the bottom of my priority list. I'm still 3 1/2 years behind on scrapbooking and getting further behind every day! Thank you, friends, who are still keeping up on your blogs! I do read yours, I just don't post mine. I will try to work backwards and catch up a little. :-)

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Shelli said...

I hear you. I sat down to post on my blog, and am not sure it will get done. Summer is crazy. Love your birthday post!!!!